DevilsTriangleTN ~ 44 mile loop – Oliver Springs, Tennessee

The Devils Triangle, just north of Oak Ridge (TN) in the mountains of the Cumberland Plateau, is made up of some of the most unusual two lane twisty roads in Tennessee.

This 44 mile loop includes TN 62, TN 116 and TN 330. The interesting sections are on TN 116. The western most fun begins at Brushy Mountain Penitentiary (now closed) and continues northeasterly for 3.5 miles. The tight twisties are as good as the Tail of the Dragon but there are even more dangers here; deep rock strewn gullies just off the pavement, ragged steel guard rails, steep drop offs and rock cliffs leave no room for error.

The next 14 miles are fairly tame with rural houses and driveways along the entire way. Watch out for kids on 4-wheelers.

The next 5 miles on TN 116  you’ll find a little bit of everything; sweepers, tight twisties and three of the tightest/steepest switchbacks we have ever encountered. This is the main reason we advise riders to take the loop in a clockwise direction. These switchbacks are much easier to tackle in the downhill direction. And slow it down here!!!

There is a lot of history in the area. It has seen boom and bust, dreadful mining disasters and some historical prisoners at Brushy Mountain.

The adventure ranges from the bucolic rural Tennessee scenery to a view of Brushy Mountain State Prison; from gentle country road sweepers to gnarly steep switchbacks; from serene straights to Dragon like twisties with guard rails of death; from gentle pull-offs to three foot deep rock strewn gullies just inches from the pavement; from peaceful farmsteads to sections of rutted roadway right out of a horror movie.

Yes, the Triangle will get your attention in a hurry. This is no place for the beginning rider.

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DEVILS TRIANGLE UPDATE: November 2014, We took a day off and hit the Devils Triangle in Nancy’s Mustang. The road has been partially repaved and is in overall good condition. Read more

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