WEATHER ON the Devils Triangle is fairly predictable most of the summer. The winter months from November through March can be impossible to predict.

The chart below indicates averages for each month at lower elevations. BE WARNED that these are averages and the actual temperatures can vary widely, For example we have seen temperatures ranging from the 90s in summer to below freezing in the winter.

There can many fair weather days in the winter, but they are not predictable. We have ridden Christmas and New Years, but we considered that lucky.

WARNING The Devils Triangle can be extremely dangerous when ice and snow are present. We have seen severe road icing even after plowing. REMEMBER If the road is getting bad it will only get worse as you head toward the higher elevations.

Many summer afternoons bring widely scattered rain showers. Often the weather stations and web weather will indicate rain for the entire area. BE AWARE that you can still have nearly a full day of riding before the summer showers hit in mid-afternoon. And these showers are spotty …. not everywhere. Go 5 miles and you might be in the clear. They often dissipate in the late afternoon leaving several hours of good riding before dark.

Looking for weather forecast for this regions?

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